Soaring Onwards: SEOFAI Tops 347 Tools, 90 Organic Clicks, Reviews

Friends, I’m thrilled to share several exciting new milestones and upgrades for the SEOFAI AI Directory! Our growth and evolution continues thanks to your amazing support. Let’s dive right in!

347 Top-Notch AI Tools and Counting

Our ever-expanding tools directory now boasts a staggering 347 hand-picked AI tools, meticulously organized into 24 categories. We’ve added the latest and greatest innovations in AI, with special attention on trending spaces like generative AI and MLops.

This carefully curated collection represents the diversity and potential of the AI landscape. We rigorously evaluate each addition to ensure only the highest quality tools are included.

Intuitive New Review Features

seofai update blog

We’ve now added clickable review buttons right on the tool preview cards! One click pops open the reviews section, where you can read ratings and feedback left by other users. This provides helpful peer insights before diving into a tool.

Writing your own reviews is also easier than ever. Simply scroll down on a tool page and share your experience. Together, we’re building a vibrant knowledge base.

Improved Visual Design

The tool preview cards now prominently display the logo of each AI solution. This adds recognizable branding while scrolling through entries.

Combined with the category tags and video demos, you can get the complete picture of a tool at a glance. It’s our most polished user experience yet!

Register And Bookmark Is Easy

Getting the most out of the SEOFAI directory is now easier than ever with our new streamlined signup flow.

Readers can simply register with either their email or Google account in just a few clicks.

Once signed up, you gain access to handy personalization features like bookmarking favorite tools to revisit later. Just click the bookmark icon on any entry to save it to your custom list.

With tools spanning so many categories, bookmarking means you can easily pick up researching specialized AI solutions exactly where you left off.

We aim to provide a tailored experience for AI enthusiasts. Sign up now to start bookmarking top picks!

Organic Traffic Milestone

Google seofai analytics

Thrilled to announce that SEOFAI recently crossed 90 clicks from Google organic searches in a single month! Given our niche, hitting this organic visibility milestone is a huge win.

Our SEO efforts like meta optimization, site speed, etc. are paying dividends in discoverability. And more qualified traffic means greater awareness around our mission of AI accessibility.

Onwards and upwards! Let us know your thoughts on the recent upgrades and milestones. As always, your feedback is invaluable – drop us a line in the comments!


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